The Master Application will be downloaded onto every user’s device. Once the user has logged in from the Master Application all the Applications selected for them by you will be pushed down to their device(s). The user can also choose to down load other useful applications that may be offered to them. The key functionalities contained within the Master Applicaiton are:

  • Managing user’s login with a single sign-on for all services
  • Remote wiping (the ability to clear any data from the Master Application)
  • Adding and removing Applications
  • Collecting all statistical information and passing it back to the Bekumo Administration Console

A Master Application will be deployed for each client device and will be updated every time a new client devices version is made available automatically. The Master Application  is able to be fully customised to the enterprises look and feel, so that it can have  your company Brand on the application and  in the relevant application store.

Company Applications

The Bekumo Platform can support any application and work with any companies’ data however proprietary. Critical to the success of Bekumo is the capability to deliver and operate the application on any device. Below are applications that provide functionality to make the system useful for your employees. We have classed them in two categories:


Template Applications

These applications will be pre-built by Bekumo and will, with minor customisation, be ready for the enterprise to populate their offering at launch. Examples of template applications are:

  • Corporate chat client;
  • Email client;
  • Address book;
  • Network drive access /corporate drop box;
  • Expenses

Over the life of Bekumo we intend to add more applications to this list.

Bespoke Applications

These are applications developed specifically to solve a problem for the client company. We expect at least one of these applications may be required for each company signed up to the Bekumo service. Examples of this include:

  • Track your employee’s location “when on the road”;
  • Geo tag your order delivery;
  • Enable staff to access rotas and shift patterns on the move;
  • Host product videos securely;
  • Host client information securely but accessible remotely;
  • Broadcast messages to teams and individuals;
  • Monitor business critical real time information;
  • Enable searches of your companies data; and
  • Manage meeting and conference agendas interactively.