• Combined Utility


    The Challenge: Combined Utility employs many temporary workers who visit customers sites for readings. Issues: Turnover of staff is high Managing the peak times is expensive Issuing/collecting meter readers is a large overhead Communicating new Health & Safety guidelines

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  • Easy Parcels


    The Challenge Easy Parcels uses a number of hyper local agents to deliver parcels. Each agent covers a small number of streets local to them & delivers the parcels, in the evening when people are more likely to be

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  • Chain Hotels Ltd.


    The Challenge Currently Chain Hotels, has a large number of hotels to manage and an associated very large work force Issues Turnover of staff is high Most of the staff our young Communicating & engaging with staff is very

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  • Field Distribution Services


    The Challenge Field Distribution services deliver a range of items to the trade Issues Use paper invoices for tracking orders Can’t prove that delivery staff where on site to deliver on time in case of disputes Can’t track the

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  • Rightjob Recruitment


    The Challenge Dave runs a small recruitment agency, key to running the agency is the list of clients and candidates which is highly sensitive data. Issues Staff can’t take candidates details home, and therefore are not allowed to work

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  • Nursery Webcam Inc


    The Challenge Currently Nursery Webcams Inc, offer a service to Nurseries for all parents to access a number of web cams from their PC and smart phones, allowing them to watch their little ones a play. Issues The access

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