Bekumo: Any Data Any Device.

A platform that will truly integrate any of your corporate data services to any device.


A complete service that allows you to open up any of your data systems securely to your employee’s range of devices.

  • Easy to add and remove employees on and off the service
  • Employees can use their own or corporate devices
  • Allows your work force to work flexibly and securely
  • Single sign on for multiple services
  • Develop applications specific to your business needs
  • Disable access from lost or stolen devices
  • Control access to all your data
  • Control exactly which Applications your employees use
  • Ability to track usage

The Bekumo Platform allows you to:

  • Assemble a range of applications suitable for your Business
  • Distribute applications and company information to every employee or selected individuals/teams
  • Remotely disable users when they leave the company
  • Record and monitor the use of your company applications and data

The Bekumo service is made up of two distinct major parts:

Bekumo Administration Console

The Bekumo administration console is part of the Platform and has been designed with a number of key features to run the service, the major ones being:

  • User management – add and remove users and teams to the service;
  • Application management – upload and distribute applications to the users;
  • Statistics and Logging – users can collect and collate statistics on the use of the Bekumo Platform and the Applications.
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Bekumo Master Application

The master application resides on the user’s device, it is downloaded from the relevant applications store and the employee gains access to it from a username and password that is auto emailed to them when they are added to the system.

The Bekumo master application contains any applications developed chosen to be part of your service, with different employees able to have a different application set all sandboxed in the Bekumo Master application, with the ability to have applications added and removed as deemed relevant.

The Master application which is fully customisable to your company’s look and feel, is used to host the approved applications for the user, and collect and return usage statistics as well as manage a single sign on system and the remote wipe of the data if needed.

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