If you are a small / medium enterprise, ask yourself this:

1Are you able to keep up with your employees expectations in a world where they carry their smart phones with them all the time, want to use tablets at work and are used to consuming and creating data within an application?

2Can your enterprise meet your employees expectations and take advantage of the opportunities created by a flexible multi device strategy?

If your answer is NO, we can help you!

Bekumo enables your enterprise to provide your employees with a range of company approved applications, which can be accessed via any device while allowing your company administrator complete control of who is able to access the applications and keep the enterprise’s  data secure.

In a nutshell..

We enable a flexible, efficient and secure method which allows your employees to work on their own phones and tablets, using our enterprise application management platform.

Bekumo Platform Features

bespoke_appsStandard and Bespoke Apps

Bekumo offers a range of customisable, template applications to get you up and running. Some examples of template applications include co-ordinating with other employees over chat, accessing files on the move etc. Bekumo also allows you the flexibility to develop a range of applications that will suit your needs, either by yourself or in partnership with Bekumo. Ideas for bespoke applications that we could develop are tracking employees’ location, manage meeting and conference agendas interactively etc.


The Bekumo Platform allows you to collect and monitor usage of the system, on a company wide, team and individual basis. It has the ability to capture application specific data, such as location etc.

user_mgmtUser Management

Bekumo Platform provides an easy to use console that allows you to add and remove users. You can also easily set teams/ groups of users. Everything is in your control.

app_distributionApp distribution

Bekumo allows you to upload new applications, apart from the set of standard applications the platform offers. The platform’s flexibility also allows you to decide which employee gets which applications, remove applications and upgrade applications centrally. It works perfectly for enterprises, large and small.

Why Bekumo


Single sign on to access all the applications, remote wipe/removal of all data in the event of a lost device or employee leaving your company.

Cost Efficient

Using the Bekumo system the enterprise does not have the cost of issuing employees with a mobile device, they can use their own and you can be sure that your data is not compromised.


Your employees can access sensitive data from anywhere, on any device, without worrying about data security.

Easy Monitoring

All usage is monitored, allowing you to see which applications are utilised most.

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